Reload is a mobile application for retailers of all sizes to transfer mobile top-up balance from all local Mobile Network Operators including Etisalat, Roshan, MTN, AWCC, and Salaam within seconds and earn a higher commission. If you are a retailer or know a retailer that's interested in using Reload .

please contact us at info@reload.af

Earn Higher Commission

Most top-up solutions in Afghanistan limit your return to just 4% on the top-up you sell, our medium will allow you to increase your return by as much as 38% from the standard commission rate. In addition to that, our system enables you to see a history of your sales, check on your commission and track your growth in order to better forecast your sales and steer your business in the right direction.

Payment Flexibility

Certain retailers may be eligible for our flexible Postpaid Payment plan. Eligible retailers with a postpaid account with Reload will be able to transfer up to 20,000 AFN and pay the end of billing cycle.

Other reasons to use Reload


The Reload App eliminates concerns retailers have when it comes to having stocks of physical top-up cards stolen. With the Reload app there is no need for retailers to carry physical top-up cards. Top-up balance transfers can be conducted simply through your smart phone. If in the event your mobile phone is stolen or lost, retailers can simply call our support team to notify Reload to put a freeze on all transactions thereby preserving the top-up balance you have acquired from Reload.


Our team at Reload is environmentally conscious and our app provides a medium that not only improves the business of retailers of all sizes, but simultaneously eliminates huge amounts of plastic waste that is generated from the traditional top-up transfers that occur through scratch cards.


Reload is a client focused business. Our app not only provides increased commissions from top-up transfers and decreases the likelihood of theft, but also our operations are set up so that we save you time and energy in acquiring top up balance. Our operations are set up so that we come to you, not vice-versa. We also pride ourselves on premium client support regardless of the size of the retailer. Our support team is readily available to help with any technical issues you may have, by calling us at 0784 684 685.

See Reload

Reload is available in all three languages including Pashto, Dari, and English. It's easier to understand and use.


Accepted Carriers

You can send top-up to the following carriers in Afghanistan.

Looking For Support?

Make sure it works and sends an email to info@reload.af